privacy policy

I. Introduction

In order to use Mallwin's services, please read and strictly comply with the Mallwin Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "this Policy") and fully understand the terms and conditions of this Policy. The term "user" in this Policy refers to a user who fully agrees to this Policy and uses the Mallwin Services. By using the Mallwin Services, you are deemed to have read and agreed to this Policy.

II. Changes and modifications to the Privacy Policy

Mallwin reserves the right to make changes to this policy at any time, and in the event of changes to the privacy policy, the changes will be indicated on Mallwin pages. When users use Mallwin's special services, they shall accept the rules or instructions related to such special services provided by Mallwin at any time, and such rules or instructions shall form part of Mallwin's privacy policy. Users may voluntarily abandon the use of Mallwin's services if they do not agree with the modifications to the terms of service. If the user continues to use Mallwin's services, the user is deemed to have accepted the modifications to Mallwin's privacy policy.

III. Notes on how to use Mallwin services

1. The user agrees that the Terms of Use are for personal use only.

2. The user is equipped with the necessary equipment for the Internet.

3. You shall not use plug-ins, plug-ins and other tools that are not authorized by Mallwin to interfere with, modify or otherwise affect Mallwin's services.

8. Mallwin assumes no responsibility for the network services, i.e., the user assumes the risk of using the network services. Mallwin does not guarantee that the services will meet the user's usage requirements, nor does it guarantee that the services will not be interrupted, nor does it guarantee the timeliness, safety, or accuracy of the services.

Ⅳ. the corresponding description of advertising

1. Mallwin has the right to send promotional or publicity information to users in the course of providing services, in a way that does not require special notification to users.

2. Mallwin fulfills its obligations to advertisers in accordance with the law, and users agree that Mallwin's advertising information is judged by the users themselves for authenticity and reliability.

3. The user shall be responsible for any loss suffered by the transaction based on the advertising information or the content provided by the advertiser.

V. Matters concerning the protection of users' personal information

1. It is Mallwin's basic principle to protect users' personal information.

2. Mallwin will establish perfect rules and regulations and use security technology to protect your personal information.

3. Mallwin will not readily transfer or disclose your information to third parties unless required by government agencies or necessary to provide services to you.

VI. Compliance with laws and regulations

1. Users shall abide by the relevant laws and regulations in the course of using Mallwin services, and if the user's behavior violates the relevant laws and regulations or moral customs, the responsibility shall be borne by the user.

2. If our site is involved in political or public events due to the use of Mallwin's services, Mallwin has the right to terminate its services to the user and hold him/her responsible.

VII. Disclaimer

1. If there are uncontrollable factors in the process of Mallwin's service, Mallwin will repair them in the first time, and Mallwin will not be responsible for any damage caused to users within the scope of the law.

2. Users agree that Mallwin will not be responsible for the impact on them if they encounter risks and infringements caused by network information or other user actions in the course of using Mallwin services.

3. Mallwin has the right to deal with illegal and unlawful contents, and this right does not constitute Mallwin's obligation or commitment. Mallwin cannot ensure that violations are detected in time and dealt with accordingly.

VIII. Precautions for underage users using Mallwin services

1. Underage users under the age of 18 should read this Agreement and use Mallwin services under the guidance of their guardians.

2. Because minor users are not yet involved in the world, they are easily confused by false phenomena on the Internet and lack the ability to handle and protect themselves in case of trouble. Therefore, when using Mallwin services, minor users should pay attention to the following matters to enhance their vigilance and self-protection.

2.1 Distinguish the difference between the online world and reality, and do not get addicted to the Internet to affect daily study life;

2.2 When filling out personal information, strengthen the awareness of personal protection to avoid being used by unlawful elements;

2.3 Use internet tools correctly under the guidance of guardians or teachers;

3. When minors use Mallwin services, guardians and teachers should provide more guidance to minors on what to do online to avoid being deceived.

IX. Description of intellectual property rights

1. The intellectual property rights of the contents provided in the course of Mallwin services belong to Mallwin, and the intellectual property rights of the contents generated by users in the course of using Mallwin services belong to users.

2. The copyrights, patents and other intellectual property rights on which Mallwin's services are based are owned by Mallwin.

3. The intellectual property rights of the above and any other contents contained in Mallwin services are protected by law and may not be used in any form without the permission of Mallwin, or the user or other relevant right holders, and infringement will be prosecuted.